NEW MUSIC: Chris Knight – Little Victories by Soaked in Sound

The moment the lips form the words, country music, the body revolts against itself. The bones try to separate from the body, fearing the skin has spoiled. But what is hard to understand, for most listeners, is that the Toby Keith’s, George Straits, and CMT swill peddlers of the genre known as country now days is nothing like the name suggests. It’s pop music. More like Britney Spears with a twang. Real country music flows in the same vein as Cash, Haggard, Coe, and Williams. Chris Knight has been channeling these country pioneers for years, writing songs that every listener can relate to. Little Victories is the sixth studio album for Knight and the songwriting is, again, the focal point. Chris Knight’s pen sketches out the lives of the blue-collar working-class. It took me awhile to appreciate Chris Knight’s work because I didn’t want to admit that an artist from the ‘country’ category could move me as much as Knight does. But with each listen, I warmed to the amazing talent he possesses. He is an authentic storyteller, writing songs that don’t ask for anything except for you to listen. The honesty that shines from each word, that at one time I couldn’t hear, now is all I notice.

Little Victories is another fine example in a long line of accomplishments by a great musician. It’s hard to believe that with the mastery Chris Knight brings to the table, that he’s not on the tip of every music lover’s tongue, but I feel that this is exactly why he is so good. He writes about what he knows because he’s actually a working stiff. He just carries a guitar instead of a wrench, but he could use either with just as much skill. Little Victories is a good album that is guaranteed to excite fans and newcomers alike with songs like: In the Meantime, Nothing On Me, Little Victories, and Out of this Hole. The latest record is a great addition to the Chris Knight discography and is a good place to start. Pick up the record and really listen to what Knight has to say. Give him a chance and you’ll be changed.

�Soaked in Sound, September 11, 2012