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Chris Knight “North Dakota”

This is the kind of guy who you would probably ask to open the top of that pickle jar that you can’t twist off. Oh, he’d open it just fine. But then you might get “that look” as he sets it back down on the counter. You would never be able to claim that you helped him open it. That would be bad.

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“It took me a while to accept people’s reaction to the first Trailer Tapes,” says Chris Knight. “At first I didn’t see the appeal, but that’s probably because I was way too close to it. While everybody seemed to respond to the rawness of those performances, I heard every little thing that I’d wished I’d done differently. But now I’ve grown to like it as something that’s worth something. I guess that means,” he says with a laugh, “it’s gonna take a while for me to warm up to Trailer II.”

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Listen Now: Chris Knight On Mountain Stage

Based out of his tiny, rustic hometown of Slaughters, Ky., songwriter and guitarist Chris Knight writes backwoods poetry with introspection he’s clearly gained by living the words he writes. His songs touch on opportunities lost and opportunities that never were, rural drug manufacturing, drinking for distraction, and the weighty questions that haunt those who never make it out of the woods, either by choice or lack thereof.

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Mojo Review (UK)

The solid roots rock, the ache, anger and empathy and tales of broken lives and hearts, make Knight’s sixth album sound like Steve Earle and The Georgia Satellites doing an epilogue to Copperhead Road. Nothing wrong with than when it produces songs as good as “Another Dollar” and brilliant, bare-bones ballad (just voice and guitar) “Crooked Road” — SS

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CMF (UK) Review

Chris Knight is the best damn songwriter in Country Music, and I’ll stand on Steve Earle’s coffee table in my punk rock creepers and say that. In fact, he’s been the artist that has ultimately made good on Earle’s original promise of a truly literate country music that still travels the rutted dirt road of life as it’s lived by everyday folks.

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