“Chris Knight’s ‘Little Victories’: A Political Album Done Right” by The Triggerman

This is the exact album that the United States of America needs right here, right now, at this very moment in time. Finally, someone has the courage and the wisdom to use music to reassure people of the power of individual will, and the beauty of the rising action embedded in every human soul instead of as a vehicle to lay blame on everyone else for the problems the individual faces.

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NEW MUSIC: Chris Knight – Little Victories by Soaked in Sound

The moment the lips form the words, country music, the body revolts against itself. The bones try to separate from the body, fearing the skin has spoiled. But what is hard to understand, for most listeners, is that the Toby Keith’s, George Straits, and CMT swill peddlers of the genre known as country now days is nothing like the name suggests. It’s pop music. More like Britney Spears with a twang. Real country music flows in the same vein as Cash, Haggard, Coe, and Williams. Chris Knight has been channeling these country pioneers for years, writing songs that every listener can relate to.

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“Chris Knight is back with Little Victories” by John Walker

Chris Knight has long been known as a singer/songwriter who stands firmly behind the common working man, with his songs often reflecting the struggles and pitfalls we each may face in life. His Kentucky roots shine clearly once again with his new release Little Victories.

It has been 4 long years since Chris Knight released his last studio record Heart of Stone, but fortunately there is no change of direction or let down here. Knight continues to draw inspiration from the trials of blue collar Americans, and takes another gritty determined look at life itself.

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Album Review: Chris Knight – Little Victories by Farce The Music

If you’re already a Chris Knight fan (and you should be), you’ve come to expect certain things from one of his albums. Gritty honesty. Earle-meets-Mellencamp country tinged roots-rock. Melodies that stick in your head for weeks. A focus on rural hardship. Lots of murder. Well, Little Victories has all of those things minus one. Going on 15 listens, I don’t believe I’ve noticed more than one loss of life.

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Country Standard Time CD Reviews: Little Victories by Michael Verity

The difference between good and bad country music usually comes down to how the story’s told. Bad country songwriters deal with all the standard themes – lost dogs, cheatin’ wives, worrisome fluctuations in the GDP – like a condescending sixth grade teacher: see Jack lose his low-paying factory job, see Jack lose hope, see Jack open a meth lab, see Jack carted away to do 10 in the pen while his “pritty little daughter” stands by watching.

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“Chris Knight Offers Personal and Political ‘Victories'” by Erin Duvall

When it comes to the minute details of his career, Chris Knight leaves it to the professionals. The singer-songwriter worries about really matters: the music. His songs are born from experience and his every day life in tiny Slaughters, Ky., population 200. His latest album, Little Victories, is a broad depiction of that life, emblazoned with the hopes, fears and spirit of the American dream. Themes of building something from nothing, and holding on to what you’ve got, are strung throughout the record, delivered with conviction.

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GAC Album Review: Chris Knight’s Little Victories by Daryl Addison

Drawing inspiration from the blue-collar struggles of his hometown, Slaughters, Ky., Chris Knight’s eighth studio album, Little Victories, is a gritty and unflinching look at the troubles facing small town America. There’s a desperate tension running through the 11-song set, due in stores September 11, as the portrait here is often bleak. Yet, through Chris’ mesmerizing growl and vivid storytelling comes a message of self-reliance and strength.

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CHRIS KNIGHT Little Victories * * * * by Michael Hingston

CHRIS KNIGHT Little Victories * * * *

It has been a 4 year wait since Chris Knight’s last record, but at long last his eighth album Little Victories is here. Knight writes songs about the darker side of American culture and the struggles of the downtrodden rural poor. He has been described as, “Where Cormac McCarthy meets Copperhead Road”, how I wish I had written that!

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“Chris Knight Teases In The Mean Time” by Kim Becker

Chris Knight doesn’t much care how his music is labeled. It’s a bit of everything – Americana, Southern rock, country, and folk. The people who record Knight’s songs are just as diverse, artists such as Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Montgomery Gentry, and John Anderson.

And yet, despite this roster of talent, nobody sings his songs like Knight himself. For over 15 years, he has released seven albums to slowly earn a reputation for his humble, no-nonsense approach and rural sensibilities.

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“In Coal Country, Knight Discovered Gold On Vinyl” by Jack W. Hill

LITTLE ROCK – Chris Knight is a roots rock country sort of a singer-songwriter, but it took him a while to figure out that was his destiny. He had earned a college degree in agriculture at Western Kentucky University and then spent a decade as a mine reclamation inspector and a miner’s consultant while living in Slaughters, Ky., near where he was raised.

Having grown up in coal mining country, Knight considers himself lucky that he had an older brother who got a good job working in the mines.

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