American Elements

American Elements
Season 1, Episode 2

Filmed in late January of 2015 between Kentucky and Texas.

A rare and personal look at Singer/Songwriter Chris Knight whose unique sound and sensibility is carved straight out of the dirt road American dream.

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The No Depression Community’s Top 50 Favorite Albums of 2012

“[The year which just passed] was a great year for new music.” So say critics far and wide, pretty much every single year as they gather their words to present a Best Of list yet again. But this year feels different. Twenty-twelve was a really impressive year in the world of Americana/roots/folk/indie/alt/country/whatever music. If there were some kind of gauge of this sort of thing, I might hypothesize that 2012 was one of the best years for “Americana music” since the term started accruing meaning.

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Chris Knight – Little Victories by by Fred Phillips

Chris Knight actually does what most of the Nashville songwriters think they’re doing. He connects with country’s perceived blue-collar audience. But real connection doesn’t come through lyrics about pickup trucks and dirt roads. It comes through truth, honest emotion and hitting people where they live.

Knight has always excelled at those things, and that doesn’t change on his latest record, Little Victories.

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When he was fifteen-years old Chris Knight taught himself to play guitar mainlining John Prine’s songs, and it sure as heck shows. From the opening bars of In ‘The Mean Time’ and his raggedy ass vocals, this Kentucky �migr� who quickly found Nashville veneration has come up with a gem. Chris’s forte are mid tempo numbers, held down by rock solid bass playing and guitarist Mike McAdam’s splashes of grinding distorted chords recalling Neil Young, and Richard Thompson on his manic spiky solos. But it wouldn’t mean diddley squat if it wasn’t for the main man and his agonised drawl.

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CD Review – Chris Knight “Little Victories” by Alan Harrison

Grizzly politicized and hard hitting Alt- Country at its best

After 15 years in the crazy world of Rock and Roll it would be understandable if Chris Knight chose the easy, commercial path for his 8th album; but that’s not how this guy rolls and LITTLE VICTORIES is as hard edged as anything he has recorded and possibly more so; as America and the World lurches from one crisis to yet another with the working man, who Knight champions, taking all of the punches.

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“Chris Knight Takes Pride in Little Victories” by Craig Shelburne

Chris Knight may not write the most cheerful songs, yet you can hear a streak of optimism on his latest album, Little Victories.

“Yeah, you got to look for it, I guess, but it is not a depressing, pessimistic record,” he says. “It’s kind of like all my other records. It’s about carrying on through good and bad times. You lay down, and that’s when things go bad.”

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“Chris Knight – Small Victories” by Mayer Danzig

Eli, Todd and Chip share their collective insights on the stellar new release from Chris Knight:

Eli Peterson

Chris Knight is the real deal. Dude is from Slaughters, Kentucky. That’s right. The town is named “Slaughters”. Dude was a mine reclamation inspector for 10 years before he went to Nashville to give songwriting a try. He recorded his first demo tapes, now infamously bootlegged, in a trailer that he lived in on his 90 acre spread in Slaughters. Dude is authentic.

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